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Thanks to your generous donations we completed construction of the water system. We have more work to complete the distribution, so any additional donations are appreciated. For an update on recent activities check THIS LINK

K.I.S.S Kijiji Innovative Sustainable Solutions


Our vision is of a Tanzania that is aware of its role on environmental stewardship and takes development initiatives that are conscious of environmental impact on future generations. A Tanzania that remains as a paradise island with its wildlife protected and natural resources replenished in the course of its economic development.


Promote sustainable development in Tanzania through education, community activism, sustainable initiatives, and youth and women empowerment. The following areas are included in our focus. For a more detailed description of each click HERE:


Sustainable and durable buildings

Develop building techniques that utilize local materials and skills. Buildings will be efficient, durable, and resilient.


Energy efficiency

Provide education on energy efficiency and develop the local workforce.


Renewable energy

Identify renewable energy solutions and implement. Develop the local workforce.


Clean water

Develop water infrastructure in a sustinable way and improve cleanliness.



Develop and implement improved sanitation methods for human waste and wastewater.


Sustainable agriculture and aquaculture

Develop and share the best sustainable agricultural and aquiculture methods. 


Waste collection / recycling

Work on the entire waste stream issues.


Education / training

Hold classes and courses in all of the topic areas, as well as other important issues. 



Provide health resources.


The KISS Training and Education Center is a space where individuals and families from the nearby village of Kasisa, Mwanza Region, can learn how to implement cutting edge, affordable and sustainable farming and living technologies that will allow them to be better informed and educated and ultimately improve the standard of living for themselves as well as the entire village community.

The Center’s development philosophy encapsulates three core principles. First, development must be predominantly a bottom-up process. Thus, the Center’s development programs are primarily village-based in the sense that it is up the members of the village to implement any of the techniques and learning modules taught by the Center. The Center’s main role is that of an educator and advisor to the members of the village.

Second, the Center subscribes to the view of achieving development through a “big push” approach rather than a series of small initiatives that follow each other chronologically. The big push approach of development in lowincome countries or communities attempts to simultaneously improve labor productivity (that is, household income), housing needs, infrastructure (e.g. access to clean water), health care and education services, among others.

Finally, the Center strongly adheres to the principle of sustainable development. Sustainable development initiatives are the only programs that can reconcile the quest for higher living standards of today’s poor with the need to preserve the world’s finite resources while maintaining or even lowering each person’s carbon footprint. While there are many different development initiatives within the ‘Big Push’ approach, the Center will focus initially on the focus areas that can be found here.

Project Site & Video

9.6 hectare (23.8 acres) in the Kasisa area adjacent to Lake Victoria in Tanzania


Clara Rulegura Ford

Founder, President, CEO


Thomas Osang

Treasurer, CFO


Paul Westbrook



Martin Rulegura

Environmental Engineer


Jessie Marshall Zarazaga

Lyle School of Engineering at SMU


2316 Peaceful Pointe Dr 
Little Elm, TX 75068


Email: ecokijiji@gmail.com 


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